JSC Serbian Railways

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300 New freight wagons on SR lines

“From Romanian firm “IRS”, out of 770 new contracted freight wagons, 300 wagons arrived on the SR lines so far, ...


International train “Avala” operates to Prague according to the new Timetable

The international train „Avala“ will operate on the line Belgrade – Prague, in accordance with the new timetable, which shall ...


“Serbian Railways” hindered the membership of Kosovo Railways in the International Union of Railways

– “Serbian Railways” has, by its international actions and with the full support of state authorities, hindered the so called ...


158 new freight wagons came from Romania

– During little more than three months, “Serbian Railways” took over 158 new freight wagons from Romanian firm “IRS”, and ...


Railway traffic organization on the relation Belgrade –Subotica is changed

“Beginning of the sanitation of the railway-road portable bridge via Danube, in Novi Sad, on the main rail road Belgrade-Subotica, ...


With a card RAILPLUS/EURO<26 the transportation is cheaper

In co-operation with Euro