JSC Serbian Railways


Presidential Suite on Wheels

The interior of the Blue Train was designed by the architects Vladeta Maksimović and Nikola Radanović and it was mostly made of wood. Different types of wood were used as the material as well as a technique of intarsia for suits and corridors decoration. Quality materials (wool carpets, velvet and silk) decorated the interior in Art Deco style, which is preserved in its authentic form. Equipped with everything what was necessary for a lavish and comfortable journey, this train was named luxurious train for reason.
The train provided enormous convenience for stay or work. The presidential suite with two rooms, formal dining car, kitchen, VIP suite, protocol suite, dining car, sleeping car, power car and auxiliary car for staff and security facilitate living and working in the Blue train without any problem. The president Tito traveled with joy by this train, he spent days and nights in it, had numerous meetings with foreign state representatives and delegations, government and party leaders and hosted many citizen delegations and associations.

The best domestic and international chefs prepared domestic and international meals and desserts in the kitchen in which it was possible to prepare up to 300 meals. Each car had excellent suspension system so that drinks weren´t spilled.

The Train Layout


Covered car for vehicle transport (MD)
MD series cars are covered, one floor luggage cars for the vehicle transport. MD car capacity is four vehicles. The car also has electro-heating, and its own HAGENUK heating. Maximum speed is 140km/h.

The car ready for the cargo and the interior of MD car 

The car ready for the cargo and the interior of MD car