JSC Serbian Railways



The project of the heritage train “Romantika” was brought to life in 1996. We wanted to give our passengers the impression of coming back to past and to let them enjoy in romantic journeys with the smoke of the steam locomotive.

The heritage wagons from 1930s (first, second and third class, as well as the restaurant wagon) represent proper tourist offer.

The heritage train “Romantika” is composed of one first class wagon, twelve second class wagons, the restaurant wagon and the wagon for bike transport.

Steam locomotives, which were used for the heritage train rides, were external items of the Railway Museum.

The train capacity is 420 seats.

Our commercial offer is very content-rich- the goal of “Serbian Railways” is to please all needs of different tourist groups.

Beside the regular commercial offer and favorite destinations such as: Sremski Karlovci, Palić, Vršac, Bela Crkva, Požarevac, Smederevo, Despotovac – Resavica, we offer to our customers to rent the train, what represents a unique way to mark jubilees, to present business projects, to organize presentations…

We strive to enrich our journeys with the new content such as: visits of fairs, wineries, grape harvests, festivals, carnivals, sports games, and other events organized by the tourist agencies across Serbia.

Wherever you go, you will be welcomed as a dear guest. A travel guide will be at your disposal that will show you all cultural – historical sites of the cities in which we arrive accompanied by the sound of steam locomotive.

E-mail: romantika@srbrail.rs