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“The Royal Train” – Forerunner of the Blue Train

The Special Train and The Special Train Service were organized right after the Second World War, in 1945, for the Marshal Tito´s travel through the country and abroad.

The forerunner of this train was “The Royal Train”, which had almost thirty different suits and cars. In 1936 several modern suits were designed for this train. During the war, some cars of the Royal Train sets were destroyed and some were lost without trace. “The Special Train” for the Marshal of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito was formed of recovered cars of the Royal Train set and repaired passenger cars that were in good condition.

Reception at the railway station in Niška Banja, 6 July 1952

In the Special Train before departure to Greece, 28 May 1954

On the road to Ljubljana, 11 June 1955

Workers of the Railway Workshop „Heroj Srba“ in Smederevo equipped and handed over to the Marshal the set of six repaired cars as a gift for May 1 in 1947.

The Blue Train is a popular name of the Special Train that became common among the people and in the press. The name originates from the color of the locomotive and cars. It is believed that Tito himself gave the idea for the name of the train.