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Media Center

Media Center as a part of JSC “Serbian Railways”, is in charge of media, informative, production, promotional and marketing activities of “Serbian Railways” and railway sector in Serbia (four railway companies). Media Center is also responsible for activities based on the needs of the Ministry for Construction, Transport and Infrastructure in railway sector.

Bearing in mind new railway media strategy, we are becoming more and more focused on the entire railway industry, our business partners and the “third parties”. Based on the specialized commercial proposal, we offer full-service realization of the media activities, in order to make profit and promote railways and railway sector.

When it comes to project realization, we have shown our professionalism, knowledge and responsibility through our previous media, informative, production, marketing and promotional activities. Through years of work we have gained great experience in organizing of different major events at the state level.

The most important national and local print and electronic media cooperate with us. In addition to informing the public, we cooperate with informative services of the State and Local Administration, institutions, other railway administration and large national and international economic systems.

This role of Media Center is in accordance with the recommendations of the consultants and experience of the developed European railway administrations, which is to integrate, commercialize and put all “Non-core” activities in the service of the newly established railway companies and market.