JSC Serbian Railways


300 New freight wagons on SR lines

“From Romanian firm “IRS”, out of 770 new contracted freight wagons, 300 wagons arrived on the SR lines so far, and they are all operational”- it was stated in the Department for transport investments of SR

During the following three months, SR should receive the remaining 470 wagons, so that the delivery is completed until the end of year, as it had been foreseen in the contract.

“Serbian Railways” are financing this acquisition from the credit of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, in the amount of € 57 million.

In the Department for transport investments it is pointed out that these are four-axled, opened freight wagons, which are the most wanted not only on the domestic but on the foreign lines, as well, because they transport the goods which are not subjected to the atmospheric changes.

Technical characteristic meet the European standards, and Serbian Railways will use them primarily in the international traffic. Serbian Railways have missed several hundreds of the freight wagons of this type on a daily basis so far, and needs of the biggest clients will now be met more successfully, then before.