JSC Serbian Railways

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The section for narrow-gauge railways

The section for narrow-gauge railways of the Railway Museum in Belgrade, opened on April 12, 1990, is situated near the railway station in Pozega.

In the area that is specially designed for those purposes and which occupies 150 acres of land, there are more than 500 original narrow-gauge items: 0,60; 0,75 and 1m, which represent a part of historical and technical development of Serbian railways, but also of railways of former Yugoslav Republics. On that place are also 4 tracks, which are 645m long, safety and signal devices, turntable and wagon weighbridge. Regarding railway station objects, in this section there are also freight depot with loading ramp and railway station building of narrow gauge railways.

The part of the permanent exhibition of the section for narrow-gauge railways in Pozega presents special railway rolling stock: snow plough, pumping drezines and three pedal drezines (four wheels), as well as snow jaw from the locomotive of the JDZ/JZ 83-173 series, the trolley with mechanism and the cable for cold driving of locomotives, the railway trolley for workers, the curving rail device and two hydro feeders.

Among the other items of the permanent exhibition there are: numerous tools (mostly hand made), different cranes, telephones, railway station clocks, railway station furniture pieces…

In the section for narrow-gauge railways of the Railway Museum there are exposed 8 steam locomotives, such as:

– two locomotives for 0,60m gauge: “Milan” from 1882 and “Kostolac” from 1916
– six locomotives for 0,76m gauge: “Rama” (1873), 73-002 (with tender from 1907), 82-007 (1911), 83-037 (with tender from 1929), 83-062 (locomotive of the “Partizan armoured train from 1941.” from 1923/24), and 92-043 (with teneder from 1922).

Two steam locomotives from the exhibition of the section for narrow-gauge railways in Pozega are transferred in the museum and tourist complex “Shargan Eight”- steam locomotive “Skoda” of the 25-27 series and steam locomotive of the JDZ/JZ 83/173 series.

In the exhibition place of this sector there are also 17 cars: the saloon carriage of Emperor Franz Joseph I from 1897 (for 1,00m gauge), two passenger cars of the Enk 4200 and Cls 3597 series (for 0,76m gauge), two official cars of the De 5365 series and De 5613 series, two freight opened cars of the Kc 55745 series and Kc 701630 series- prototype, five freight closed cars of the Gzg 40143, G 40137, Gc 41104, Gc 41731, Gc 41762 series, two cars of the “Partizan armoured train from 1941.” of the Gac 41685 series and Jc 46570 series, one tank wagon of the R 84702 series and two special auxiliary cars of the Ue 83201 series (sleeping cars) and U 84150 series (workshop).