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“SARGAN EIGHT” has 50 beds in double and tripple rooms and apartments. All rooms have bathrooms, TVs, and apartments are also equipped with air conditioning. Above listed capacities fulfill absolutely all needs and tastes of even the most demanding guests on the first place, but also all the norms prescribed by the Law on Tourism and Hospitality.

Boarding house has also multi-media hall, which is excellent for organizing all kinds of seminars and lectures. The hall has 50 places,latest equipment, and is especially attractive because of the interior walls processing, which will take you back in past times by its beauty and artistic inspiration.

Motel “MOKRA GORA” and boarding house “EIGHT” are situated at the railway station. In the pleasant atmosphere of this complex you can also find restaurant, where the guests can enjoy different kinds of specialities of this region, with help of professional service of kind stuff. There is another restaurant at “Jatare” station, where you can enjoy special music programmes during pleasant summer evenings.

of the hotel services in museum and tourist complex “Sargan eight”
Accommodation prices in “Eight” boarding house



Bed and breakfast

Half board

Full board

Single room

3.045 RSD

3.395 RSD

4.045 RSD


Double room

2.545 RSD

2.895 RSD

3.545 RSD

4.195 RSD

Triple room

2.045 RSD

2.395 RSD

3.045 RSD

3.695 RSD

Three-bed apartment

5.400 RSD


6.500 RSD


“Eight” boarding house

Accommodation prices in “Mountain House”

Room type

Bed only

One bed 

1.800 RSD

Double room

1.600 RSD

Tripple room

1.500 RSD

Lease of object (12 beds)*

12.000 RSD


The above given prices are pre person, except for apartments, bungalows and lease of object in “Mountain house”.

Prices of board meals: breakfast  350 RSD,  lunch 650 RSD and dinner  650 RSD.

If double room is used by one person, bed price is the same as for single room.

Daily rest in room is being charged 50% of regular price (does not apply to apartments and bungalows).

Children under the age of 2 have free accommodation.

For children between 2 and 8 years of age you pay 70% of regular price if they use separate beds, and 50% if they don’t use separte beds.

Given prices include VAT and are increased by the amount of the tourist tax – 100 RSD and insurance – 5 RSD.

For travel agencies and organized groups will be granted 7% commission.

Information and reservations:

Museum and tourist complex “Sargan eight”
31243 Mokra Gora
Phone numbers:
Belgrad: tel: 011 2687-959, 2683-046, fax: 2683-056
Mokra Gora:
Reception: tel/fax: +381 (0)31 800 505, 800-125
Restaurant: +381 (0)31 800-545
E-mail: sarganskaosmica@ptt.rs