JSC Serbian Railways


With a card RAILPLUS/EURO<26 the transportation is cheaper

In co-operation with Euro<26, Serbian Railways started to sell common cards RAILPLUS/EURO<26, which are intended for the young up to 26 years. The card owners are entitled to 30 % of discount for the railway tickets in the domestic transport, and in the transport with Monte Negro, and they are entitled to the discount of 25% for the tickets to all international relations, also. The card RAILPLUS/EURO<26 provides access to all other EURO<26 discounts in Serbia, and in 39 European countries. The card RAILPLUS/EURO<26 costs € 10 (equivalent value in dinars), it is valid for one year, and Serbian citizens younger than 26 years can buy it on every box office of the railway stations. In order to buy the card, it is necessary to provide one of the personal documents (ID, passport or birth certificate) for the insight and one photograph.