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General Meeting of Shareholders

Republic of Serbia Government, upon the proposal of the Ministry of Transportation, passed a resolution on December 9th, according to which, for representatives of Republic of Serbia, as the founder of Serbian Railways JSC, Belgrade, which on the basis of the legal rights, founding competencies are performed by the Government, for the “Serbian Railways JSC” Assembly, the following are appointed:

The members of General Meeting of Shareholders


Zoran Anđelković ( President of the General Meeting of Shareholders ), Economist


Zoran Anđelković, B.SC. in Economy
Dragoslav Adžić, B.Sc. in Mechanical Engeneering
Assistant Professor Dr. Dejan Vukosavljević, B.SC. in Economy
Professor Dr. Radmila Grozdanić, B.SC. in Economy
Kasim Zoranić, B.SC. in Economy
Radosav Popović, B.Sc. in Transportation Engeneering
Slobodan Radosavljević, B.Sc. in Political Sciences
Petar Aleksić, B.SC. in Economy
Snežana Radonjić, B.SC. in Economy
    Goran Gavrančić, M.A. in Transportation Engeneering
    Daniel Tucaković, B.SC. in Economy
    Katarina Prodanović, B.SC. in Computer Science
    Dragomir Petronijević, B.SC. in Economy
    Saša Đorđević, B.SC. in Economy
    Milan Maksimović, B.Sc. in Transportation Engeneering
President and members of the General Meeting of Shareholders contact telephone numbers
Tel: (381 11) 361-82-96; Fax: 361-83-16