JSC Serbian Railways


General Meeting of Shareholders


By the conclusion of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, 24 No.: 119-6003/2021 of June 24, 2021 and 24 No.: 119-6938/2021 of July 23, 2021, for the representatives of the Republic of Serbia, as the founders of “Serbian Railways” JSC , Belgrade, for which, on the basis of legal authorization, the founding rights are exercised by the Government, the following were appointed to the Assembly of ” Serbian Railways ” JSC, Belgrade:


The members of General Meeting of Shareholders

  • Branislav Popović, B.Sc. Architectural Engineer from Belgrade
  • Saša Rokvić, B.Sc. Economist from Belgrade
  • Goran Gavrančić, MEng. Traffic Engineer from Novi Sad
  • PhD Enver Gicić, Doctorate in Economic Sciences from Novi Pazar
  • Zoran Anđelković, B.Sc. in Civil Defense from Belgrade

The powers of the President of the Assembly are exercised by Branislav Popović.

President and members of the General Meeting of Shareholders contact telephone numbers
Tel: (381 11) 361-82-96; Fax: 361-83-16