JSC Serbian Railways


Present and Future

A quarter of the century has passed before the prediction of Mitar Tarabić, from the end of the 19th century, came true:
“Many years will pass before people remind themselves of the iron road, and so they will rebuild it. But the business will no longer be the reason for the travel to Višegrad; the trevelers will go for fun, vacation and enjoying”.

And that time came. Thanks to the understanding and great engagement of the leading people of The Serbian Railways, in 1995 they became again the owners of all the stations of “Ćira” in Užice, as well as of the stations in Mokra Gora and Kremna. Since then, many things were done for the revival of once famous Šargan “eight”, so that a part of a Serbian rail history would be taken from the forgetting, and to enable the passengers to hear a nostalgic sound of a steam engine and feel the romance of passed days.

Our “eight” was very unique in many ways, while regular rail traffic ran through it. With the reconstruction it gets brand new status, as a tourist- museum railway, which will make it even more exclusive. For our conditions that is innovation, but not for the world. There are such railways in many countries, in which a lot of money and love is invested, so that present and future generations could feel the excitement of slow, but romantic voyage like in past times.

In order to get the best possible aspects of the renovated Šargan “eight”, we are gathering the information about the activity of the tourist and museum railways in the world. The renovation of such railways in Switzerland, Poland, Germany and Greece gave good financial results, so there is no need for a suspicion that the thing will be different with our “eight”. And our advantage is the fact that “the eight” is unique and one of a kind in many ways.