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The Railway Museum in Belgrade was founded on February 1, 1950 as a part of the former Ministry of Railways of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
Its first permanent exhibition was opened on April 30, 1953 under the name “Through the History of Yugoslav Railways”.

Main administration building of JSC “Serbian Railways”
Besides the permanent exhibition, the following can also be found in the museum: exhibition gallery, library and archive.

The museum activity includes:

– museum and conservation department
– archive and documentary department
– library department

Due to the activity of these services till today, the museum can proudly present the great number of very rare items, books and great number of archival collections. The museum possesses very interesting models, model dummies, objects and miniatures.

The museum has more then 40.000 objects separated in 4 main collections:

– technical collection
– historical collection
artistic collection
collection of applied arts

The collections are mostly placed in museum depots as a part of permanent exhibition, except one part of the technical collection, which is situated in the section for narrow-gauge railways Pozega, stoking stationary and sawmill in Belgrade, next to depot of the Blue Train in Topcider (Belgrade), as well as at the railways stations in Belgrade, Nis, Lapovo, Prokuplje, Pancevo, Vrsac, Kikinda, Sombor and Subotica.

Entrance to the museum, Locomotive 99.4
The section for narrow-gauge railways in Pozega

The section for narrow-gauge railways of the Railway Museum in Belgrade, opened on April 12, 1990, is situated near the railway station in Pozega.

Museum and Tourist Railways “Shargan Eight”

At the old railway station in Uzice in 1999, the permanent exhibition “Shargan Eight” was opened. The top result of fifty years of work is the revitalization of 13,5km long narrow gauge railway between the railway stations Shargan Vitasi and Mokra Gora, in the world of construction work known as “Shargan Eight” (closed in February 1974).


The Gallery of the Railway Museum in Belgrade has approximately 190m² of exhibition space, where group and individual exhibitions, book promotions, children´s workshops and theatrical plays, different kinds of expert seminars, presentations and lectures can be organized.

Address: Railway Museum, 11000 Beograd, 6 Nemanjina Street
Phone: (+381 11) 3610-334 and (+381 11) 3614-154
Fax: (+381 11) 3616-831
E-mail: muzej@srbrail.rs
Working days from 9am till 3pm.