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More than thousand pupils participated in “Caution! Choose life!” presentation in Uzice and Pozega

The safety level crossing campaign that is being organized by Media Center of “Serbian Railways” since 10th October in primary ...


Milovan Markovic, Director General: “Serbian Railways” from today Joint Stock Company

The Serbian Government adopted today Decision on Changing the Legal Form and Decision on Amendments to the Founding Act of ...


First meeting of Expert Working Group on Development of Corridor 10 held

For the reconstruction and modernization of 770km of railway line on Corridor 10 through Serbia is necessary about €4,6 billion. ...


“Caution! Choose life!” campaign in Kraljevo

“Serbian Railways” continued the safety level crossing campaign by organizing presentation “Caution! Choose life!” on May 11 in Kraljevo. The ...


Presentation “Caution! Choose life” geathered together great number of students in Čačak

Media Center of “Serbian Railways” organized the safety level crossing presentation “Caution! Choose life!” on Tuesday, 19 April, in primary ...


Students in Lazarevac and Lajkovac interested in the presentation “Caution! Choose life!”

Students in Lazarevac and Lajkovac showed great interest in presentation “Caution! Choose life!” of the “Serbian Railways”, that is being ...