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International train “Avala” operates to Prague according to the new Timetable

The international train „Avala“ will operate on the line Belgrade – Prague, in accordance with the new timetable, which shall apply from December 14, this year, and the passengers will also have the railway connection in Budapest to Vienna.According to the current timetable, „Avala“ operates between Belgrade and Vienna, so the possibility of direct traveling to Prague will represent one of the most important novelties in the international railway traffic from the middle of December – it was said in Traffic Department of Serbian Railways.

The greatest changes for Serbian Railways, regarding the new timetable from December 14, are introduced in the international traffic.

The international train which operates on the current relation Belgrade – Ljubljana, according to the new timetable, will not end its journey in the capital of Slovenia, but it will continue its route to Filach, border station in Austria.

According to the new timetable, another train will be introduced to Thessalonica, which will be departing at 7.50 a.m., while the time of the departure of the evening train on that relation remains the same (at 10 p.m.).

Railway traffic between Serbia and Montenegro, with small modifications, remains unchanged. The novelty is that the train, which operates during the winter period from Niš to Bar, will depart from the middle of December in the morning hours, instead in the evening, as it is according to the current timetable.