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With the delivery of 25 repaired freight wagons, “Serbian Railways” and “Tetravagonka Bratstvo” have signed a Protocol on Continuation of Cooperation

Director General of “Serbian Railways”, Milovan Markovic, and Director of the new company “Tatravagonka Bratstvo”, Pavol Kovac, have signed on March 29, in Subotica, Protocol on Continuation of very long business Cooperation of “Serbian Railways” and former Wagon Factory “Bratstvo” from Subotica. On this occasion 25 from total 350 repaired freight wagons, which were in last two years repaired in this repair company, according to Program on Conditions and Stimulation ways of reparation of rolling stock in the Republic of Serbia for the needs of “Serbian Railways”, were delivered to “Serbian Railways”. The value of total business, that was given to this repair company in Subotica, is RSD 280 millions.

According to Director General Milovan Mrkovic, “Serbian Railways” will sign in a few days new contract with “Tatravagonka Bratstvo”, worth RSD 80 millions, for reparation of 100 freight wagons (based on the Government Conclusion to continue funding wagon repairs for the needs of “Serbian Railways”).

Describing previous cooperation with this repair company as excellent, Mr Markovic expects new owner to invest in “Bratstvo”, to improve technology and work conditions, and to make sure that the partnership between this fabric and “Serbian Railways” continues in the future.

Minister of Economy and Regional Development Nebojsa Ciric pointed out, that bad privatization of this company didn`t have any bad effects on the work of fabric itself, and that “Serbian Railways” didn`t have any complaints about delivered wagons in past two years. “Tatravagonka” will invest in this new company over €3 millions and I`m quite sure, that cooperation with “Serbian Railways” will continue -concluded Mr Ciric.

Aleksej Beljajev, President of UO “Tatravagonka”, expressed his gratitude to “Serbian Railways” for the first contract that will be assigned to them, and Mayor of Subotica Sasa Vucinic pointed out once again, that thanks to reparations for “Serbian Railways” this fabric was broth to life.