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Three new level crossings put back in use in Sabac

We have put back in use today in Sabac three level crossings secured with most modern signaling and safety equipment, in which is invested almost RSD 66 million. The Czech Development Agency donated RSD 30 million worth equipment and the city of Sabac invested nearly RSD 36 million in securing and construction works on level crossings. Two out of three level crossings in Sabac have been already secured with road traffic signs (Andrejin Cross), one of them is completely new, and they were built as part of construction works on west traffic transversal in this city-said Milos Milosevic, mayor of the city of Sabac, during today´s visit made to level crossings that are put back in use.

-The realization of this work was the best example to show how the rising of traffic safety to the highest level in cooperation with local self-government is possible- said Director General of “Serbian Railways”, Milovan Markovic, who also pointed out that the opening of level crossings and the rising of traffic safety would help in regaining the passengers and returning them to the railway and to the railway junction in Sabac, especially towards Zvornik and when all diesel and electromotor train sets, that are being purchased at the moment, are provided.

According to his words, last year, thanks to donation of the Czech Development Agency, Serbian railways secured four level crossings with most modern equipment: “Atenica” on railway line Kraljevo-Cacak-Zablace, “Pavlovac” and “Capljinac” between Nis and Ristovac, and “Strazara 44” near Subotica. The Czechs provided modern equipment worth €1 million for securing 10 level crossings in Serbia, and the same amount will be provided by Railways for documentation, construction works and equipment installation. There is a plan to secure three more level crossings in Serbia with most modern equipment till the end of the year, using financial assets from donation. Level crossings that should be secured are level crossing in the municipality of Pozarevac, as well as level crossings on Belgrade territory, in Zemunsko polje and Kijevo- said Markovic.

There are 2.138 level crossings on Serbian railway lines and all of them are properly secured, where fifth of them with exactly the same most modern signaling and safety equipment as the one that was used in Sabac. For the securing of only one level crossing with most modern equipment is necessary between €150 and €200 thousand.

Construction works on the level crossings were performed by the Czech AZD, Belgrade companies AZD “Saobracajni sistemi”, “Telefonkabl” and “Delta inzenjering”.