JSC Serbian Railways


The Signing of the Contract on Modernization of 112 kilometers of Railway Line on Corridor 10 from the Russian Loan in Belgrade On March 6th

-„Serbian Railways“ will sign on March 6, in Belgrade Annex 2 to Contract on Russian Loan, which refers to the reconstruction and modernization of six sections of Corridor 10, in a total length of 112 kilometers. This year, the overhaul of 3 sections on Corridor 10 will begin in a total length of 66 kilometers, as follows: Ruma-Golubinci, Sopot Kosmajski – Kovačevac and Mala Krsna – Velika Plana. During 2015 and 2016, the overhaul of the remaining three sections of the Corridor 10 is planned: Vinarci-Đorđevo, Vranjska Banja-Ristovac and Bujanovac-Bukarevac – said today “Serbian Railways” Director General Dragoljub Simonović.

“Serbian Railways” will sign a contract with” RZD International”. It is the Russian State railway company responsible for the implementation of the Russian loan for the modernization of Serbian railways totaling $ 800 million.

-Thanks to the Russian loan, six sections in a total length of cca. 112 km will be reconstructed on Corridor 10. The works will first start on Ruma – Golubinci route in a length of cca. 18 km and Sopot Kosmajski – Kovačevac route (cca. 18,4 km), and this year works will be started on Mala Krsna – Velika Plana route (cca. 29,5 km). In the next two years works on routes Vinarci-Đorđevo (15 km), Vranjska Banja – Ristovac (17,7 km) and Bujanovac– Bukarevac (13,7 km) are planed – said Mr. Simonović.
Due to the condition of the railway infrastructure on these sections, slow drives were introduced, so their reconstruction should enable faster and better railway traffic on the international Corridor 10.

„Serbian Railways“ have already provided all necessary materials for performing of planed works from the EBRD loan. For the procurement of rails, concrete and wooden sleepers, track equipment, ballast, rubber panels and other materials it was allocated EUR 25 million from the EBRD loan. All materials required for repairs, including cca. 8 thousand tons of rails, have been already purchased and distributed along the sections envisaged for overhaul.