JSC Serbian Railways


The safety level crossing presentation “Caution! Choose life!” organized in Ruma and Sabac

By organizing multimedia presentations on 9 March in Ruma and 10 March in Sabac, “Serbian Railways” continued the safety level crossing campaign under the name “Caution! Choose life!”.

The railway traffic safety education program, led by the Media Center of “Serbian Railways”, was organized on 9 March in 2 primary schools in Ruma, “Ivo Lola Ribar” and ” Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj” in front of 500 students.

The railway traffic safety campaign of the “Serbian Railways”, under the slogan “Caution! Choose life!”, that was started on 11 November in Nis, has been realized in 9 towns in Serbia so far: in Lapovo, Zajecar, Prokuplje, Krusevac, Pirot, Novi Sad, Sabac and Ruma. This presentation was organized in 33 primary schools in front of 5000 students from first to fourth grade.

Beside interactive educational presentations, which were prepared in order to point out the danger in railway traffic and explain to students correct traffic behavior at level crossings, promotional material was given to them. Notebooks, class schedules, rulers and other school supplies, with instructions how to behave at level crossings on them, represent one of the ways to educate young people.

“Serbian Railways” continue the presentation “Caution! Choose life!” on 17 March in Zrenjanin and 18 March in Kikinda.