JSC Serbian Railways


The safety level crossing campaign under the slogan “Caution! Choose life!” started on Belgrade territory

Media Center of “Serbian Railways” organized the safety level crossing presentation on 6 June in primary schools “Vladimir Rolovic” and “Kosta Abrasevic” in Belgrade. The presentation was attended by nearly 300 pupils.

The lectures represent the beginning of educational safety level crossing presentation on Belgrade territory, which was started by Media Center of “Serbian Railways” as part of “Caution! Choose life!” campaign. During the lectures, multimedia presentation, which also includes education and entertainment, was displayed in front of pupils in order to explain the danger and correct traffic behavior at level crossings.

In past eight months the presentations have been successfully organized in 67 primary schools all over Serbia, and the end of lectures in schools in Belgrade represents at the same time the end of campaign for the 2010/2011 school year.