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The “Nostalgia” train on “Shargan eight” transported this season almost 80 thousand passengers

The museum train “Nostalgia”, that operates on “Shargan eight”, has transported during this year´s official season almost 80 thousand passengers, while the revenues from transport and accommodation in the railway museum and tourist complex in Mokra Gora are nearly a quarter higher than the last year.
During the fourth year in a row, Serbian railways are organizing tours on “Shargan eight” also during the winter. The winter season of the “Nostalgia” starts on 25 December 2011

and ends on 25 January 2012. During that period one regular daily departure will be organized on the route Mokra Gora-Jatare-Mokra Gora from the Mokra Gora station at 11:40am, while extra departures will be arranged depending on the interest.
This year´s regular season of the museum train on Shargan eight was started on 15 April and the tours were organized every day by arranging two regular and two optional departures. During the weekends, when the number of tourists was higher, the “Nostalgia” had 6 departures each day.
Beside the guests from Serbia, more than the half of visitors on “Shargan eight” and Mokra Gora were from abroad. People interested in old railways from Germany, Austria, Russia, England, Slovenia, France and Netherlands have visited this year “Shargan eight”. The most of tourist groups were from Poland, but also from Slovenia, France, Germany, Austria, Russia and from countries of the region. The guests of the museum and tourist railways in Mokra Gora were representatives of embassies, ministries, local self-governments, companies and railway administrations of other European countries.
In the accommodation capacities of the museum and tourist complex “Shargan eight” a great number of meetings, seminars, work shops and conferences were held, and an increase in the number of overnight stays by 20% compared to the previous season was registered.
After 37 years, regular traffic from Mokra Gora to Visegrad has been re-established this season, what drew attention of inland and foreign tourists.