JSC Serbian Railways


The new diesel multiple-unit set was presented at the main railway station in Belgrade

“Serbian Railways” have a good reason today to celebrate 15 September- Serbian Railway Workers´ Day- with optimism and hope, because the new train for the passenger traffic was bought for the first time after three decades- said Mr. Milovan Markovic, Chairman of the Board and Director General of Joint Stock Company “Serbian Railways”, on the occasion of the new diesel multiple-unit set presentation at the main railway station in Belgrade. Mr. Markovic explained that the new diesel multiple-unit set is designed for local and regional traffic on non-electrified railway lines and that it represents the first out of 12 sets, that were arranged between Serbian railways and Russian company “Metrovagonmas”.

His excellency Aleksandar Konuzin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation, Comercial Director of “Transmas” holding company Suhrat Mahmudo, Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Energetics in charge of Railways and intermodal transport Dejan Lasica, business associates from “Serbian Railways”, journalists and other business associates attended the ceremonial presentation of the new diesel multiple-unit set.

– In agreement with the Russian partner an initiative has been launched to use $100 million from the $800 million loan of the Russian Federation for the purchase of another 25 trains for local and regional traffic-said Mr. Markovic. According to expert analysis, Serbia needs 40 trains of this kind, therefore the local and regional traffic in Serbia could be much more efficient and more effective with the procurement of additional sets using the assets from the Russian loan.

– For this plans we have full support of the Serbian Government and many arguments. In fact, the tender procedure is already in progress and soon we expect to sign the Contract on procurement of another 25 electric trains for regional traffic, that are almost E100 million worth, and that will be financed from the loan of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development- explained Mr. Markovic. He also added, that the purchase of 15 multi-system locomotives, that will be able to operate on other European lines, is possible thanks to financial assets from this bank (E65 million). When it comes to infrastructure, said Mr. Markovic, we have opened two construction places this year on Corridor 10. The first place is the bridge over the river Velika Morava, on the route Jovac-Cuprija on the Nis highway, and the worth of this project, that should be finished in 18 months and is financed from the assets of the European Investment Bank, is E9 million. The second place is Zezelj bridge in Novi Sad, and the worth of this project, that should be completed in 32 months and is financed from the assets provided by European Union, the province Vojvodina and the City of Novi Sad, is E45,3 million.

– The tender for construction of 10,5km long electrified double track line near Paracin is to be announced by the end of the year, as well as signing the Contract with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on the E95 million loan for the reconstruction of Beograd-Rakovica-Resnik line and railway lines along Corridor 10-explained Mr. Markovic and congratulated one more time all railway workers and assured them that the next Railway Workers´ Day will be celebrated with much more success.

– His excellency Aleksandar Konuzin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation congratulated also on the purchase of the train and the Railway Workers´ Day in Serbia and expressed his great pleasure for the cooperation between Russian railway companies and Serbian railways, pointing out that Russia is great and strong railway country which will continue to support Serbian railways in the future.

– Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Energetics in charge of Railways and intermodal transport Dejan Lasica welcomed all the attendees and expressed the joy for the purchase of the new train on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energetics, and announced new projects for the restauration of the railway traffic in Serbia.

After the mandatory technical and technological tests on Serbian railway lines, the new diesel multiple-unit set is expected to be included in the regular traffic by the end of 2011, and the route on which it will operate hasn´t been determined yet.

The remaining 11 new diesel multiple-unit sets from Russia will be delivered successively by the end of 2012. The worth of these 12 sets is CHF43 million, and that amount is provided by the loan of the International Railway Bank “Eurofima”. The price of one new diesel train is almost CHF3,4 million, bearing in mind that the spare parts, tools, maintenance equipment, consumables and CHF2,5 million worth documentation will also be delivered with trains.

This trains is binary, with the capacity of 120 sitting and 126 standing palces. They are equipped with the most modern air-conditioning, ventilation and heating system, as well as with the latest drive, control and diagnostic system. Each set has the most modern audio-visual equipment for passenger information, internal video surveillance, internal and external monitors and sound system. They also have most modern vacuum toilet system, suitable for all users, including the persons with special needs. The maximum speed limit of the trains is 120km/h and all the main components of the trains are made by the well known manufacturers from the West Europe according to all national and international standards.

Bearing in mind all technical characteristics, this diesel multiple-unit sets should be in function for the next 35 years.