JSC Serbian Railways


The First Train with “Fiat” Automobiles to Bar Harbor

The first contingent of 208 new “Fiat 500 L” automobiles loaded on 16 railway wagons has started its trip today, on August 13, at 10:50 am from railway station Kragujevac towards Bar. On this occasion began the realization of the contract with the Serbian automobiles factory in which was stated that one train with 16 wagons shall run every week till the end of September and that that number shall increase in order to reach the number of 12 trains per week till next year.

– This is a great venture for the railway, because we have both infrastructure and human resources, said in Kragujevac Milan Maksimović, director of Infrastructure Directorate of “Serbian Railways”, adding that the increase in transport volume will inevitably lead to new investments, primarily in the revitalization and capital restructuring of the Lapovo-Kraljevo railway line, where the overhaul of substructure and superstructure is planned with electrification. It will be necessary to do so for the purposes of transportation of spare parts for the automobiles factory as well as finished cars, emphasized Maksimović.
The next trains with automobiles from the Kragujevac factory will departure on August 17, 23, 27 and 29, as well as on September 1, and after that, one train per week.