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The “Caution! Choose life!” campaign in Vranje geathered almost 200 primary school children

The campaign on safety at level crossings under the motto “CAUTION! CHOOSE LIFE!”, which was prganized on May 31 by Media Center “Serbian Railways” in Vranje, geathered almost 200 children from the primary school “Vuk Karadžić” and “Branko Radičević”.

The multimedia, educational and entertaining presentation was played during the lectures in order to point out the danger and to explain to children proper traffic behavior at level crossings.

Media Center “Serbian Railways” started the new season of the educational campaign on safety at level crossings on November 10, 2011 for the school year 2011/12. During duration of the campaign, which lasts for two seasons, the lectures were held in almost 40 places in Serbia i.e. 99 primary schools and the presentations were attended by almost 16 thousand primary school children.