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The campaign “Caution! Choose life!” on safety at level crossings organized in primary schools in Zeleznik

Media Center of “Serbian Railways” organized on Thursday, 24 November, multimedia and educational presentations on safety at level crossings, under the motto “Caution! Choose life!”, in two primary schools on the territory of municipality Cukarica. Lectures for the younger school children were held in Zeleznik in front of more than 400 pupils in primary schools “Braca Jerkovic” and “Vladimir Nazor”.

The season of educational campaign on safety at level crossings for the school year 2011/12 has been started by Media Center of “Serbian Railways” on 10 November 2011, when the presentations were held in primary schools in Batajnica. After the presentations in Batajnica, lectures were successfully organized for primary school children in Zemun, and it was planned to prepare presentations in December on the territory of municipalities Palilula and Savski Venac. Media Center of “Serbian Railways” is carrying out the campaign on safety at level crossings, as before, in primary schools that are situated near level crossings.

From the beginning of the campaign “Caution! Choose life!” , in which Serbian railways have been engaged since 22 June 2010, when the International Level Crossing Awareness Day was celebrated, this campaign, prepared for the school children, has been organized by Media Center of “Serbian Railways” in 23 cities in Serbia, that is 75 primary schools so far, and more than 12 000 pupils have seen the interactive multimedia presentation.