JSC Serbian Railways


Swedish trains making money and paying off themselves

This year Serbian Railways will give priority to the provision of 10 more diesel multiple-unit sets from Sweden, that would be operating on the lines in Voivodina and in Nis Region – they said today at Transport Department in their statement for Media Center.

– Introducing in traffic ten diesel sets, procured last year, we have improved and our service on the lines in Zajecar and Kraljevo regions. Furthermore, we have recorded high financial result, they specified.

Number of passengers who have traveled by these trains in the period from April till November 2006, in the region of Kraljevo, was 130.000 persons, which is 168 percents more than the same period of 2005, when we have had ordinary sets operating on the lines. Selling train tickets the railways have earned 19,5 million Dinars.

On the lines in Zajecar, during the same period of time, these trains transported approximately 300.000 passengers. The income was 22,6 millions.

Provision of “Swedish” trains brought the reduction of fuel consumption. Continuing this way, in the next few years these trains will pay off themselves, they stated at Transport Department.

Introduction of these train sets liberated diesel electric locomotives for better operation in freight transport, the department recording increases constantly.