JSC Serbian Railways


Starting from Saturday, 7 June, instead of the morning train on Beograd – Bar route a night train will run

“Serbian Railways” will introduce, starting from Saturday, 7 June, a night train instead of the morning train on Beograd- Bar route, and that train will be the only international train on this route until further notice.

The international train to Bar will departure from Belgrade railway station at 18.05 h and it will run via alternative route via Lapovo and Kraljevo. On it´s way the train will stop at the following railway stations: Velika Plana, Lapovo, Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Čačak and Užice, and it will continue further via regular route to Bar. The train will arrive in Bar at 10.24 h.

The train will departure from Bar at 17.00 h and from Užice it will also run via alternative route to Beograd. The arrival of the train in Beograd is scheduled for 9.28 h.

The train composition will consist of wagons with sitting compartment, couchettes and sleeping cars, while the wagons for vehicle transport will temporarily not run.

Until the regular traffic to Bar via Valjevo i Požega is re-established, the trains from Beograd to Bar at 9.10 h and 20.10 h, as well as season trains from Subotica at 18.18 h, train with wagon for vehicle transport from Beograd at 21.10 h and direct wagons from Moscow, Prague and Budapest to Bar will temporarily not run.