JSC Serbian Railways


Starting From July 1, Main Railway Station in Belgrade No Longer Operates as a Railway Station

Railway traffic in the Main Railway Station in Belgrade was completely suspended on July 1, 2018.

From July 1, all international trains (except trains to Montenegro) will end and start their journey in the Belgrade Center Railway Station, which effectively becomes the main station. The Belgrade Center will be the end station for two trains from Budapest and one train from Vienna, Ljubljana, Zurich, Thessaloniki, and Sofia. From our capital, that is, from the Belgrade Center Station, there will be one train for Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, Greece, and Bulgaria.

International trains for Bar from June 16, 2018, will depart from Topčider Railway Station, at 9.21 am and during evenings at 21:21 hours. The return journey of these trains ends at also at the Topčider station.

The international seasonal train between Subotica and Bar – Subotica, which was introduced on June 19th, departs from the Subotica railway station at 16:45 hours, through the Belgrade Center, to Bar and vice versa.