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Serbian Railways – wagons for disabled persons

Beginning with mid-December, Serbian Railways will introduce in regular international traffic one special wagon for the transport of disabled persons, which will completely be adjusted to their needs, they said today at the Department for Transport Investments, in their statement for the Media Center of our enterprise.

This is the first wagon of the kind, not only in our country but in the entire region, and it will be included into international train “Avala”, on the route Belgrade-Budapest-Vienna.

The wagon was a part of “Avala” composition. With the existing air-conditioning system, the wagon will be equipped with extended entrance,seats and lavatory, and the space for wheel-chairs and similar utensils. The persons will be entering the train using the special elevator.

Wagon reconstruction and the production of additional equipment were entrusted to “Gosa” Factory from Smederevo. The cost of each coach is two million dinars.

According to the statements given by the Investment Department, this is only a part of the reconstruction planed. In January and February next year “Gosa” should produce another two similar wagons, intended for the same international route.

Till the end of 2007, three more wagons for the transport of disabled persons will be reconstructed, and added to business trains operating on Serbian rails.