JSC Serbian Railways


“Serbian Railways” Received Two New Russian DMUs

“Serbian Railways” received in mid June two more new Russian DMUs, which are currently at the railway station Topcider for customs clearance. These are the fourth and the fifth set out of total twelve new DMUs, which were bought from the Russian manufacturer “Metrovagonmas” by “Serbian Railways”.

The Russian manufacturer is obligated to prepare documentation for technical acceptance of these trains within five days after customs procedure, and then their technical testing will follow in order to fulfill requirements for traffic licensing of these DMUs. Traffic licenses of the new trains are being issued by Directorate for Railways.

It is expected that these two new DMUs operate already in July on Serbian railway lines.

One of two DMUs (the second and the third set), which arrived in Serbia in early May, began operating today on the route Belgrade Dunav stanica-Vrsac. It is expected that the second set, which arrived also in May, starts operating soon. The first DMU, which arrived in Serbia from Russia, operates regularly form March 7 on the route Belgrade Dunav stanica-Vrsac.

Other three sets, out of five received until now, will operate on routes Lapovo-Kraljevo and Nis-Dimitrovgrad.

It is planed that the delivery of two more new DMUs starts from Russia within next week (sixth and seventh set), and the remaining five trains will arrive in Serbia successively by the end of the year.

The worth of the contract for 12 new DMUs of 711 series, which “Serbian Railways” bought from the Russian factory “Metrovagonmas” using the loan of the International Railway Bank “Eurofima”, is CHF 43 million.