JSC Serbian Railways


“Serbian Railways” presented the action: “YOU ARE NOT FASTER”

– On approximately five and half thousands of kilometers of the railway lines in Serbia, there is 2.354 passengers’ crossings. Out of that number, 1.900 of the passengers’ crossings is in accordance with the Law regulation, secured with “Andrea’s cross”, “Stop” sign or some other sign of the road signalization, while others are secured with contemporary safety-signal devices. During the past 7 years, 120 people lost their lives on the passengers’ crossings, with their fault. During only last year 11 people were killed on the passengers’ crossings, out of that number, 3 persons were killed on the passengers’ crossings

which were secured by the ramps- said General Director of the “Serbian Railways” Milanko Šarančić, at the news conference, which was organized today in Belgrade, announcing the beginning of the community-responsible campaign and unprofitable action “YOU ARE NOT FASTER”.
According to the words of Mr. Šarančić, the action “You are not faster”, as its goal has, appealing on the public, in order that citizens are informed, educated and motivated to behave responsively towards themselves and other in the traffic, that they strictly respect all the signs of the road and railway signalization, as well as that they are maximally vigilant and cautious on the passengers’ crossings.
The accidents on the passengers’ crossings were caused in the 99% cases by the drivers of the vehicles or other participants in the road traffic, that do not behave in accordance with the traffic regulations when they are croosing the railway line, and jeopardize the safety of other participants in the traffic with their behavioural- said Mr. Šarančić.
He emphasised that for securing of one passenger crossing with the state of the art equipment, it is necessary to set aside approximately 15 million of dinars, and beside significant assets, it is necessary to provide technical and urban documentation, as well. Šarančić announced that, with the state of the art equipment will be provided eleven passengers’ crossings, all over Serbia, soon, and that the tender procedure for that job has already been finished, as well as that 14 more crossings are planned to be equipped with the ramps, by the end of the year.
– Every citizen has to be familiar with the fact that the average time in order to stop a railway composition is between 700 and 1000 meters, and that reaction on the spot is not possible, said the General Director of the “Serbian Railways”, emphasizing the fact that during only last year unconscious drivers broke 2.700 bumpers, and he appealed to all participants in the road traffic, one more time, to behave in a responsible way towards themselves and others, to respect all signs of the road and railway signalization, and to be especially careful and vigilant on the passengers’ crossings.
To a great number of the media representatives, that participated in the beginning of the action ”You are not faster”, the film about behavioural of the road vehicles drivers and pedestrians on the five passengers’ crosings, was shown. In it, it was clearly seen, the cars that were going round the dropped ramps, and pedestrians that were running over the line in front of the trains.
“Serbian Railways” presented a spot, that will follow this campaign, and they emphasised that the significant number of the domestic media announced that they would support the action, and that the action would be organized throughout the entire country, in the larger period. It was empasised that the entire campaign was done according to the international experiences, because the most developed international railway managements meet with the similar problems, and the promotive materials were presented, as well, which will be given to the traffic participants.
–If this action helps that at least one human life is saved, or we stop just one accident, its effect will be achieved, said the participants on the press conference.
The action “You are not faster” to the jurnalists, beside the General Director Milanko Šarančić, in the name of “Serbian Railways”, presented the Director of the Direction for the infrastructure Vladimir Radović, Director of the Freight Service Department Vasilije Krstić, and General Director of the Traffic institute CIP Milutin Ignjatović.