JSC Serbian Railways


“Serbian Railways” – keeping the pace with Europe

“Significant effect in the total export of Republic of Serbia during the last three and half years, was achieved owing to good working results of “Serbian Railways”, especialy on the Corridor X- emphasized General Director of “Serbian Railways” Milanko Šarančić B.Sc. on the first meeting of members of Community of European Railways – CER, which is being held today and tomorrow in Belgrade.

European railway men are talking about the topics whichare from the vital interest for functioning of railwaytraffic, especially for therailways of South -East Europe,which are from the vital interest for functioning of railwaytraffic, especially for therailways of South -East Europe,about which is decidedin European Union in Brusssel. It is about the regulations from the security of railway traffic, and human factor influence, about social dialogue (lead in the procedure of restructuring of railways in Europe), union trade issues (working conditions of executive staff), medical aspect, in other words about preparation of regulations for executive staff of the railway for the safe functioning of railway traffic.

While addressing to the representatives of CER, Šarančić reminded that “Serbian Railways”equally participate in the work of not only CER, but other international organizations, whose members they are . He stated that “Serbian Railways” are in the process of complete restructuring, that ten enterprises (whose founder is “Serbian Railways”) are given to the Government on management and until the end of 2008 this Public Enterprise should recieve the status of holding (which means clear division on the transport and infrastructure).

According to his words owing to the understanding of the Serbian Government, in other words, thanks to its guarentees, during the last few years the significant financial means were invested in reconstruction of “Serbian Railways”.

”The great concern is dedicated to the workers (railway men and members of their families are given the health care in the best equipped medical institution in Serbia, and more than 70 railway families got the apartment, during the last three year). In addition, the partnership has been established with the trade unions – Šarančić estimated.

To the CER meeting, the first of this type in Serbia , beside the representatives of “Serbian Railways” attending the representatives of: Macedonia, Chech Republic, Slovak Republic, Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Spain, also.