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Serbian Railways in the International Union of Railways defended state interests

– General Assembly of the International Union of Railways (UIC), which was held in previous days in Tokyo, in Japan, did not discuss on acceptance of “Kosovo Railways” in the most important International Global Railways Organization, although the pressures are continued to put this issue on the agenda so that the mentioned could be received in full membership of this organization, – stated General director of “Serbian Railways”, Mr. Milovan Marković, which represents Serbian Railways in the International Union of Railways.

According to his words, thanks to the activities of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and “Serbian Railways” in the previous months, but during the assembly session, neither on this occasion in Japan, there was no official talk about the status of so-called “Kosovo Railways”. During two-day session, the representatives of railways of Serbia met with heads of International Union of Railways and with the representatives of larger number of the foreign railways managements.

Japan Transport Minister welcomed the General Assembly of UIC and it was discussed about decisions making concerning numerous important issues regarding the position and developing of railway transport system in the world.

Serbian Railways are member of the International Union of Railways from its foundation, more than 100 years ago as the member of Community of European Railways and Infrastructure Managers (CER), with headquarters in Brussels. The mentioned are two most important International Railways Organizations where the most important decisions are made for the railways of European and Global system.

“Serbian Railways” had authorization on the General Assemble in Japan, to represent the harmonized interests of railways managements in the region.

Railways of Serbia as member of the International Union of Railways have numerous obligations and activities in accordance with own status, but large number of benefits as well, first of all, when it comes to preparation of projects of mutual interest, setting and using related standards and rules, as forming of the legal- institutional frameworks for functioning of railways.