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“Serbian Railways” have obtained approval to start construction work at “Zezelj” bridge

“Serbian Railways” have obtained Permit to start construction work at “Zezelj” Bridge on April, 20 in Novi Sad. Within the preparation works, demolition of the pillar remains started yesterday. At the construction site, on the river side where Petrovaradin is, a container settlement is formed for the needs of contractors and supervisory authorities, and during the meeting two days ago in Novi Sad the dynamics of the receipt of steel from the Poland, Macedonia and Italy factories was agreed. This actually means that all conditions necessary for the beginning of construction works on “Zezelj” Bridge in Novi Sad are fulfilled – said “Serbian Railways” Director General Mr Milovan Markovic.

Provincial Secretariat for Urban Planning, Construction and Environment confirmed on April 19 documentation receipt, which represents approval for the beginning of the construction works on “Zezelj” Bridge.
City Administration for Urban Development and Housing of the City of Novi Sad confirmed on April 17 receipt of the documentation for preparation work, which marks the fullfilment of the conditions for the beginning of the pillar remains demolition. The pillar remains demolition started yesterday, within the preparation work. After the demolition, the gas line and two pipelines are to be relocated from the construction area.
In order to obtain Permit for the preparation work, the City of Novi Sad had to solve the problem of the river bed working area on the river bank where Petrovaradin is, so the appropriate measures were taken. The methodology for determination of the necessary measures for the protection of that area was agreed last month. PE “Water Supply and Sewerage Novi Sad” gave their approval, based on documentation and protection measures defined by the Institute „Jaroslav Cerni“ in Belgrade, to start preparation work before the construction of the bridge, that includes old pillar demolition of the demolished “Zezelj” Bridge. In accordance with that, the preparation works have started.
Bearing in mind that the contractor for the construction of the new “Zezelj” Bridge is Spanish-Italian consortium consisting of “AZVI” Spain, “Tadei” Italy and “Horta Koslada” Spain.
The whole project is approx. €45,3 million worth, and the co-funders are European Union, Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the City of Novi Sad. The construction of the new bridge steel structure will be financed by EU from the non-refundable IPA fund in the amount of €26,2 million, while Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the City of Novi Sad are going to invest €19,1 million in the dismantling of temporary bridge and installation of the new bridge. Serbian Government authorized „Serbian Railways“ to assume the rights and obligations of the bridge construction investor on behalf of the Republic of Serbia.
Investor representative gave approval to engage as a subcontractor the company “Mostogradnja” from Belgrade and received notification that construction works on piles are going to be performed by the “Geosonda” company from Belgrade.