JSC Serbian Railways


“Serbian Railways” have carried by a third more goods this year in comparison to the same period in the previous year

– “Serbian Railways” in the first four months this year have caried slightly less than 3.9 million tonnes of goods, which is approximately 34 % more than in the same period last year and 30% more than planned. Every day in the previous four months Serbian Railways carried about 32.5 thousand tonnes of goods. The freight transport in domestic traffic has increased the most, by 63 % in comparison with the same period last year, which is 62 % more than planned for this year, – Operations Directorate Director of Serbian Railways, Dragan Grujić said.

From January to April this year international freight transport increased by approximately 26 % in comparison with the first four months last year and it was bigger by approximately 21 % compared to the plan. Out of that, the export of goods by railway from Serbia increased by even 61% compared to last year, transit is by approximately 16 % bigger than last year, whereas the import of goods in Serbia by railway is by approximately 17 % bigger than in the first four months of 2010.

– Mass goods is currently being transported the most by railway, which influenced on the increase in scope of works. It is about the transport of blackcoal-based generator sets in the framework of construction of big infrastructure facilities throughout Serbia, and ore and metal products are transported largely, – Grujić explains.

Serbian Railways earned about RSD 2.6 billion from freight traffic in the first four months this year, which was approximately 30 % more than the previous year and by approximately 25% more than planned. Regarding the structure of transport income from freight transport approximately 40% was realised from transit, and total income from international traffic (transit,export, import) is even 85%.

Realised income from freight transport in the first four months this year compared to the plan is by approximately 61 % more in domestic traffic, by about 54 % in export, by about 6 % in import and by approximately 15 % in transit.