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“Serbian Railways” celebrated their day and 125 years of existing

“Serbian Railways” celebrated on 15th September – Day of Railway Workers and 125th birthday of Serbian Railways, by conference for journalists.

Mr. Milovan Marković, Director General of “Serbian Railways” reminded that the Day of Railway Workers is celebrated on 15th September, on the occasion of putting into operation of the first line in the traffic of Serbia, between Belgrade and Niš, and he introduced the numerous journalists the activities with which the undertaking celebrated its Grand Jubilee. He recalled that free journey to Sremski Karlovci, is given as a gift to admirers and the truest passengers of museum train “Romantika”, and, on the occasion of the Railway Worker’s Day, Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetković visit construction site on the line of Batajnica – Golubinci and supported the projects of infrastructure modernization and rolling stocks.

On the occasion of the Railway Day, in cooperation with P.E of PTT Communication “Srbija” and “Jugomarka”, we issued two appropriate postage stamps, envelope and seal. On the postage stamps the development of our railway through history is presented: first steam traction unit, with building of Belgrade rail station and modern electro locomotive with rail station building of Niš. Besides, we issued the monograph “Serbian Express”, in which a railways development in Serbia is described, and in cooperation with the Institute for manufacturing Banknotes and Coins, we manufactured, for the first time, the special Coin –in 125 copies. There is, on front side of the coin, the engraving of first steam traction unit, which transported the passengers from Belgrade to Niš, in 1884, whereas on the back there is logo “Serbian Railways”, – Mr. Milovan Marković, Director General of “Serbian Railways” announced.
Mr.Marković gave a brief outline of the current situation, in which are our Serbian Railways, and of the activities which are taken, so that our trains become faster and better, and rails more modern.

The representatives of the undertakings, which were included in celebrate of Jubilee of “Serbian Railways” took a part at this conference for journalists. Director General of P.E of PTT Communication “Srbija” Mr. Goran Ćirić talked about the possibilities of cooperation between these both big undertakings, while Mr. Radomir Bojanić director of “Jugomarka” talked about issuing of postage stamps and a huge interest showed by philatelists.
Mr.Ljubiša Vuletić, Director General of “Institute for manufacturing Banknotes and Coins” talked about special coin on the occasion of Railway Jubilee, and Mr. Čedomir Šoškić, one of authors and publishers, on monograph “Serbia Express”
After end of the conference for journalists, at the offices of „Railway museum“, Director General Miroslav Marković opened the exhibition of photographies, under name “125 years of Railways in the Serbia – by eye of king photographer Lazara Lecner”. It comes to the photographies, which are presented, in the public for the first time.