JSC Serbian Railways


“Serbian Railways” at International Tourism Fair in Belgrade

At 29th International Tourism Fair in Belgrade, April 26-29, “Serbian Railways” will present their offer regarding passenger transport, commercial concessions and special trains “Romantika”, “Nostalgija” on Sargan Eight and “Blue Train”.

On Friday, April 27, Serbian Railways will organize press conference in the famous Blue Train (Tito’s train), with the aim to promote their commercial, and exclusive offer as well.

“Serbian Railways” Director General, Milanko Sarancic and his associates will make a presentation of the new container train, called “Lovor” (laurel), operating on the line Belgrade-Bar, as well as the entire transport and tourism offer of Serbian railway company for the summer season.

“Serbian Railways” will also bring in the recently constructed coach the transport of disabled persons, the first one in this region.