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“Serbian Railways” and “Energoprojekt” signed Contract for constructionof railway station in Prokop

Director General of “Serbian Railways”, Milanko Sarancic, and of “Energoprojekt”, Vladan Pirivatric, have, in the presence of the Minister of Infrastructure, Velimir Ilic, signed today the Contract for construction of new railway station Belgrade Center in Prokop. The contract signing was also attended by the Chairman of the Managing Board of “Serbian Railways”, Branislav Ristivojevic.

– I would like to congratulate “Serbian Railways” and “Energoprojekt” for signing the contract for construction of this facility of extreme importance to Serbia and Belgrade, said the Minister Velimir Ilic and pointed out that the Republic Government, i.e. Ministry of Infrastructure and the City Government will jointly co-finance the implementation of a portion of works, and that funds will be provided from the National Investment Plan.

Ilic emphasized that in Prokop there will be 128,000 of square meters of commercial area for the market. Upon the construction of the station, the area of the existing railway station will be free, and Belgrade shall on this location have 86 hectares where it can in the forthcoming period implement the Europolis project, i.e. the Sava Amphitheatre.

With the construction of this extremely important and capital facility, the preparations will be commenced for another important project, the construction of metro, which will be realized in cooperation with Energoprojekt Transport Institute of CIP – announced Ilic.

Director General of “Serbian Railways”, Milanko Sarancic, pointed out that, thanks to the initiative of the Republic Ministry of Capital Investments and of “Serbian Railways”, in 2004 activities were launched on preparation of tender documents for assigning of right for construction in the Belgrade Center railway station.

– After publishing of Tender for construction, the most favorable tenders were submitted by “TriGranit”, as the first ranked tenderer, and “Energoprojekt” as the second ranked tenderer. Since agreement could not be reached with the first ranked tenderer, we have the opportunity to sign this Contract with “Energoprojekt”, stated Sarancic and added that after the Government of Serbia gives its signed approval, the construction works will start after 60 days.

– This project is very important for “Energoprojekt” because all of our capacities will be engaged. In addition, we will obtain exceptional references for future projects in the country and abroad, and, of course, we will finish the work which we have started twelve years ago, stated Director General of “Energorpojekt”, Vladan Pirivatric.

Under this contract “Energoprojekt” obtains right for construction of 128.000 square meters of commercial area on reinforced concrete slab, situated at level 105 of the new passenger railway station Belgrade Center. Out of that, “Serbian Railways” will have 2,200 square meters for purposes of functioning of traffic and organization of station operation.

In addition, “Energoprojekt” shall build 25,000 square meters under the slab at level 105. Out of that, “Energoprojekt” will get 10,000 square meters of commercial area, while Serbian Railways will get 15,000 square meters for technological needs and functioning of traffic.

Thereby Serbian Railways will obtain one of the state-of-the-art and the most functional railway station in this part of Europe. Namely, “Energoprojekt”, as the Investor, is obligated to build the complete new station Belgrade Center in Prokop, covering the surface of 40,000 square meters, including six designed platforms, ten tracks, underpasses and other facilities, as well as plants to enable functioning of traffic.

In railway station Belgrade Center, there have been up to now two tracks open for traffic for the needs of Belgrade urban railway “Beovoz”.

The works on construction of new railway station in Prokop will start not later than 60 days after the Government of the Republic of Serbia gives its approval for the Contract signed by “Serbian Railways” and “Energoprojekt” and shall last for 30 months.

The Contract also envisages for works on construction of 128,000 square meters commercial area, with all appertaining facilities to be completed within 30 months from the day when “Energoprojekt” obtains build permit.
The value of entire investment in Belgrade Center amounts to EUR 230 million, out of which “Energoprojekt” will invest around EUR 150 million in the commercial facility above the concrete slab at level 105.

Based on the studies for necessary works, prepared by the joint committee of representatives of “Serbian Railways”, Transport Institute CIP, “Beogradcvor” and “Energroprojekt”, EUR 80 million will be invested in railway infrastructure capacity in Prokop.

City Construction Land Directorate shall finance the construction of access roads from Bulevar mira St., from highway and other access roads which will amount to EUR 16 million.
“Serbian Railways” envisaged and prepared the corridor and station of the future Belgrade metro, and what is also envisaged and prepared is 200 meters of tram corridor.
With this project “Serbian Railways” obtain extremely significant commercial and transport effects, since railway station Prokop is on Corridor X, the most important and the largest international railway route in the Republic.

With the construction of Prokop and moving of the main railway station to this location, the capital shall obtain new state-of-the-art railway station in this region of Europe, with large commercial complex, and simultaneously conditions will be created for more efficient and high quality traffic operations on Corridor X through Serbia.
With the construction of Prokop railway station, however, not all of the technical operations will be moved, but passenger trains will be directed to Belgrade Center railway station, which will take over the function of the main railway station.

After completion of construction of new railway station in Prokop, the new project will be implemented as the second phase of the entire work. The following project will be the construction of three railway stations – passenger station in Zemun and Kijevo and freight station in Karaburma. Only after the completion of their construction and after the traffic connections are established, the moving of tracks from Sava amphitheatre can be performed. After moving of the tracks from Sava amphitheatre, the construction of around 150,000 square meters of commercial and housing area around Prokop is envisaged.

The freeing of Sava amphitheatre and moving of the existing main railway station Belgrade to the new location in Prokop, along with moving of all railway capacities and technological operations, represents the new, third phase of the entire project.

At the same time, in the center of Belgrade, there would be around 80 hectares of the most exclusive land in Sava amphitheatre, which would be offered to investors under market conditions only when the new loco-freight station, technical-passenger station and container terminal are constructed, so that the area in Sava amphitheatre will be completely free. Thus, the Sava amphitheatre would become attractive and the most important commercial, business, tourist and cultural center in this region of Europe, and also the significant source of income for Serbia.
In terms of traffic, a bottle-neck in railway traffic operations through the capital would be eliminated, and dangerous materials would not be transported through the city center any longer.