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Serbian Prime Minister Cvetković visit the railway section Batajnica-Golubinci:Government of the Serbia supports modernization of railway

Serbian Prime Minister of Government of the Republic of Serbia, Mirko Cvetković, on the occasion of the Railway Worker’s Day and 125 years of Serbian Railways, he visited construction site on the line Batajnica – Golubinci.

– On the railway section of line Batajnica – Golubinci, the works are performed on International Railway Corridor 10. The Government of the Republic of Serbia often insisted on the fact that its priority is construction of infrastructure, but in most cases, it was related to construction of road infrastructure. However, this is an example that the Government of the Republic of Serbia covers the construction of the Rail Infrastructure – President of the Government of the Republic of Serbia Mirko Cvetković stated, on occasion of visit the construction site.

– We initiated one big project of railway reform. First of all, I mean the construction of infrastructure in narrower sense, but procurement of rolling-stocks. Projects of which realization is currently on-going have value over 500 million € –Prime Minister Cvetković pointed out.

– We will support infrastructure construction and the modernization of railways, in the further period, with the view that the mentioned regains old glow and become the means of mass passenger and freight transport. I use opportunity to congratulate to railway workers 125 years of the railways existence, which celebrated in this formal way –the President of the Government of the Republic Mirko Cvetković said, addressing the numerous representatives of media, who were present at the construction site.

Minister for Infrastructure Milutin Mrkonjić, during the visit construction site at the rail section Batajnica – Golubinci, discussed with contractors about all technical details and segments of this project. He promised to contractors and railway workers full support of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, concerning realization of this project as so many other projects of the modernization Serbian Railways.

President of Executive Council of Vojvodina Bojan Pajtić visited the construction site.

– This Republic Government inherited too difficult task, and that is the concern on railways which were neglected for decades in this country and they were not developed enough. We have today the situation, that for an example, on territory of Vojvodina, 228 km of railways did not operate, and, 155 years ago, we had the railways in the surrounding of Bela Crkva –Bojan Pajtić stated on the occasion of visit the construction site.

– So, we support efforts which Serbian Railways and the Republic Government put in reconstruction of our rail system, therefore, it is necessary condition for economy development. It is necessary because railway traffic is much faster and cheaper than road traffic, and in that sense, it presets future for economy development not just for Vojvodina but for all territory of Serbia, absolutely–Pajtić said.

– Modernization of line Batajnica – Golubinci, is planned to finish 15th November. Total value of works on modernization this rail section, which was started from October of previous year, is 30 millions €, and they are financed by the loans of European Investment Bank–Director General of “Serbian Railways” Milovan Marković said.

According to his words, on rail section Batajnica – Golubinci total 31 km of line will be repaired and constructed, including construction of new line in the length of 7,4 km, from Stare Pazova to Golubinci. Rail section from Stara Pazova to Golubinci, is one important rail section between Belgrade and Šid, on which single-track traffic is operated.

– After the modernization of line Batajnica – Golubinci, trains speed on this highway, which is up to from 60 to 120 km/h now, will be increased on projected speed of 160 km/h–Marković pointed out and announced that numerous activities are taken so that Serbian Railways will provide the rolling-stock, as soon as possible, which can operate at this speed, and continue with activities for modernization of rail infrastructure throughout Serbia.

On the construction site, at this moment, the construction works are on-going concerning repair of tracks and electro infrastructure on line Batajnica– Nova Pazova, as the repair of tracks in the stations Stara and Nova Pazova.

On the rail section Batajnica – Golubinci 41 new switch gears, 3.700 tons new rail, 50 000 new block concrete sleepers, 90 km different cables and 80 tons steel construction will be built-in.
Contractors of works on modernization rail section Batajnica – Golubinci are: “Simens”, Minel – Contact Networks, Telefonkabl i Porr.

– In the framework of Railways Repair Program II, except modernization of rail section Batajnica – Golubinci, European Investment Bank will finance, in the amount of 80 millions €, the construction of 10 km new double-track traffic line on Corridor 10, on rail section Gilje –Paraćin, between Belgrade and Niš, as well as repair of 58 km line between Ćele Kula and Staničenje, on the Highway Niš – Dimitrovgrad –Director General of “Serbian Railways Milovan Marković said.

Serbian Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Mirko Cvetković, Minister for Infrastructure Milutin Mrkonjić, Mayor of Belgrade Dragan Đilas and Vice-president of the Government of the Republic of Serbia Jovan Krkobabić started the visit of Belgrade rail junction in Rail Station “Vukov spomenik”.

After the presentation with basic technical and traffic details of the station, guests departed by electric motor unit set from the “Vukov spomenik” to the centre rail station Belgrade in the Prokop

In the Prokop, they attended the promotion of the short film about Belgrade rail junction, and then they continued the journey by electrical motor train to construction site on rail section of line Batajnica – Golubinci.