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Russia considers the approval of the loan to Serbian Railways in amount of 200 million € for Prokop and Belgrade Railway junction

– Russian Federation considers a possibility for the approval of the state loan in amount of 200 million € to Serbian Railways for modernization and completion of Belgrade Railway junction. On the proposal of “Serbian Railways“, 110 million € would be used from the mentioned funds for completion of construction works of Belgrade –Centre Railway station in the Prokop, 26 million € for construction of technical-passenger stations Zemun and Kijevo, 30 million € for construction of freight-transport centre in Makiš and 34 million € for construction of new double-track line in the length of 15 km from Belgrade to Pančevo. The complete works could be finished in forthcoming three years,and all capacities of the Belgrade Railway junction will be completely put in the operation after two decades of construction.

The above mentioned was stated on September 30, during the first day of three day session of Serbian Russian Council for cooperation in the Traffic area, host of which is “Serbian Railways”. Serbian delegation is led by State Secretary in the Ministry for Infrastructure PhD Slavoljub Vukićević, and Russian delegation by Deputy of the Minister of Transport Nikolaj Ljamov.
Serbian Minister for Infrastructure Milutin Mrkonjić met with the Russian Minister of Transport on 30 September, and on that occasion, according to mutual belief, the mutual understanding was gained concerning solutions of all topics and questions on about which it will be discussed in the forthcoming three days.
Many activities followed to this Session between Ministry for Infrastructure of Serbia and the Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation, and in the last month, this has been the third meeting at different levels of experts of these both States. This Session of Serbian-Russian Council in the Transport area presents, in fact, the preparation for the visit of Russian President Medvedev on October 20 in Belgrade.
In the name of “Serbian Railways” Director General Milovan Marković and president of the Steering Committee Zoran Andjelković welcomed the numerous delegation of Russian Federation, which assembled the representatives of all Traffic companies. Deputy of Director General of the “Serbian Railways” Predrag Janković got the Russian businessmen acquainted with the most important projects of Railway Infrastructure modernization in the Serbia, once again, and he pointed out that Corridor 10 have main importance, and besides the Belgrade Railway junction , it is necessary to finish Rail junctions in Novi Sad and Niš.
For following two days, it will be discussed about cooperation in the other Traffic areas, including the foundation of new river port on the river Danube in Belgrade area, construction of metro on the territory of Belgrade, development of ports Infrastructure, construction of Logistic centre in Belgrade, and Cargo-logistic centre on the airport “Nikola Tesla” and many different topics, as well as about advancement current legal regulation in the Traffic area.