JSC Serbian Railways


Republic Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica opened to traffic the repaired railway bridge near Ostruznica

“Two years since the road bridge has been opened to traffic, today, on the occasion of the Railways Day, we are opening the repaired railway bridge near Ostruznica”, said the Republic Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica, on September 15th, the Railways Day.

Prime Minister emphasized that the bridges were the most important infrastructure parts. “Just when the railway bridge in Ostruznica was ruined in 1999 bombing, we recognized its value and its lack”, stated Kostunica.

He specified that, thanks to the renewal of this bridge in Ostruznica, the traffic in Belgrade will operate faster; international trains will need four hours less running through Belgrade, and dangerous materials will now be transported out of the city center.

“We built this bridge for two times. No other bridge can be built two times, and the fact is that Serbia needs as many bridges as it can get”, said the Prime Minister, congratulating to all the railwaymen.

Republic Minister of Capital Investment Velimir Ilic specified that the repair of railway bridge in Ostruznica was the first project of National Investment Program that has been finished, and that Republic Government and the Railways have invested in it 250 million Dinars.

“Serbian Railways” Director General Milanko Sarancic, emphasized that the ending of the works would contribute to the liberation of traffic in Belgrade center, to more efficient operation of international freight transit, and to much safer railway transport trough the capital city as well.