JSC Serbian Railways


Representatives of Serbian and Russian Railways talked about possibilities for cooperation

“Serbian Railways” and Russian Railways will intensify mutual cooperation in the forthcoming period, especially when it comes to infrastructure and rolling stock. Russian partners are expected to reply concretely to the proposals for the cooperation of Serbian Railways in the forthcoming month – it is concluded at the meeting held today and yesterday in Belgrade by the heads of Serbian Railways with the delegation of Russian Railways.

The Director General of “Serbian Railways” Milovan Marković and the Executive Board President of this company Zoran

Anđelković, with their representatives, defined the fields about which there will be further discussions during the two-day meeting with Russian Railways representatives.
The construction of the Žeželj Bridge, works on the Dimitrovgrad-Niš line, modernization of Belgrade railway junction and maintenance of EMUs are only some of the concrete projects on which potential cooperation can be realised.

The Russian Railways delegation was headed by Mersiyanov Aleksey Anvyarovich, Director General of ODD “Trgovinski dom” of the Russian Railways and Nikitenko Nikolaj Semyonovich, the Department of the Agency Director for business system development. The ambassador of the Russian Federation in our country Alexandar Vasiljevich Konuzin participated in the work of the meeting, and he also represented preparatory meeting for the arrival of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in our country in October.

Serbian Railways representatives got the guests from Russia acquainted with the current condition and plans of this traffic system concerning infrastructure, rolling stock and company organization itself defining thereby fields and modalities of future cooperation. The guests from Russia are acquainted with domestic legislation when it comes to participation in development and modernization projects of Serbian Railways.

It is concluded as necessary to obtain attitudes of relevant ministries as well as to make suitable decisions at the state level before reaching any concrete agreements.

The partners from Russia expressed their content with the existence of concrete projects and plans of Serbian Railways at which cooperation can be achieved in the forthcoming period, which is not the case in some other railway administrations in the region. During two-day meeting in our capital, the partners from Russia visited railway stations Belgrade Marshalling Yard in Makis, Belgrade Center in Prokop and Vukov Spomenik as well as the depot for rolling stock repair “25. Maj”.