JSC Serbian Railways


Refurbished railway objects

Director General of “Serbian Railways”, Milanko Sarancic, opened new Train Traction premises in Sombor, and on that occasion stated that about five million Dinars have been invested in that project.

Refurbishment of this building was a part of one overall redecoration of this railway center. As a result, drivers and other Railway Traction stuff acquired new, modern and well-equipped working premises – he said.

In the presence of media representatives, Sarancic reminded that they have recently opened for traffic the bridge near Bogojevo, which would contribute to the increase of freight service volume within this region.
He revealed that, protecting this new rolling stock, above all diesel sets, passenger service in Backa would be significantly better and more efficient.

Director General particularly emphasized that freight traffic volume on Serbian railways has been growing constantly, with the income of 49 million EUR earned from transit last year, which was 10 millions more than in 2005. He also brought up new, great future investments in infrastructure and rolling stock.

The same day Sarancic opened one renovated railway health center within Novi Sad Railway Station.
Serbian Railways invested two million Dinars in complete renovation of this building, including additional dentist office. Railway workers and medical stuff gained significantly better working and health-care conditions, with brand-new equipment.

– Buildings in Sombor and Novi Sad are only the examples of numerous modernization projects to be preformed by Serbian Railways all over Serbia. This year, beside all, we will continue the works on certain objects in Vrsac, Kikinda, Vrnjacka Banja and Mataruska Banja Stations, as well as the reconstruction of railway health center in Nis and Mladenovac – announced Sarancic.