JSC Serbian Railways


Reconstruction of Pancevo Bridge begins soon

Reconstruction of Pancevo Bridge should begin soon. The plan is to perform the works in two phases, within one year. The renovation will include the construction of the second railway track between Belgrade and Pancevo, – they said at Transport Department of Serbian Railways in their statement for Media Center.

The railway section of the bridge is currently at tolerable conditions, therefore the works will be begin within the part intended for road transport. Civil works will also include necessary reparations and anti-corrosive protection.

The first phase of Pancevo Bridge reconstruction will last six months, closing the right side of the bridge towards Pancevo, will both railway and road traffic will flow at the left side. Besides one existing, the other, new railway track will be constructed during the first phase.

After the finalization of the first stage of civil works, the complete traffic will be redirected to the right side of the bridge, including the new railway track. The second phase, lasting six months, will contain the reconstruction of the left side of Pancevo Bridge.

At the same time, they will also build the fence at both sides of railway track, from the halt “Pancevo Bridge” to the bridge itself.

Project of Reconstruction of Pancevo Bridge, including the approach structure, will be designed by CIP and Road Division of the City of Belgrade.