JSC Serbian Railways


Realization of the „Belgrade on Water“ Project: Removing of the Tracks in mid March

-“Serbian Railways” are ready to start removing the tracks from the Sava amphitheater in the first half of March, in order to clear up the most attractive part of the location near the river for the realization of the „Belgrade on Water“ project, which is extremely significant for the capital city as well as for the whole country. By the end of February a detailed plan on removing of railway capacities from this location will be prepared, with precisely defined deadlines and contractors. In the past few days we held meetings with „Full protect“ company, where securing of the location was agreed, as well as with „ŽIT“ company on removing their capacities from this location. On March 1 we will be ready to start the whole work, and in mid-March removing of tracks from this location can begin – announced „Serbian Railways“ Director General Dragoljub Simonović and said that many will be surprised by willingness of the railways to realize this huge and significant business extremely fast and efficiently.

From the area of Sava amphitheater, it is necessary for cca. 50 kilometers of track to be removed, and that work will take between three and six months. During the first phase, cca. 30 percent of the capacity will be removed, and that task is provided by approximately two and a half million Euros.

„Serbian Railways“ thus successfully realize its part of the activities within the project „Belgrade on Water“. The Government of the Republic of Serbia has in previous period, allocated the tasks regarding preparation for the beginning of the construction of „Belgrade on Water“. During the first week of March, the master plan of „Belgrade on Water“, i.e. preliminary design as a basis for further development of the project documents, will be presented, as announced by Siniša Mali, president of the Provisional Council of Belgrade, and Aleksandar Antić, the Minister for Transport. At the same time, according to them, relocation of the one third of the Sava amphitheatre tracks will start, and by the end of the year, the construction of the first four buildings will also begin. It is a 180 meters high tower “Belgrade Tower”, than the largest shopping mall in the Balkans and two more buildings which purpose will be known once the master plan is finished.

At the meeting in the Serbian Government phases of clearing up the location for the future „Belgrade on Water“ were also agreed. The first phase is relocation of one part of the tracks, the second one is completion of the railway station in Prokop and passenger and cargo station in Zemun, as well as relocation of the main and „Lasta“ bus station, and the third phase, which includes total clearing up of the Sava amphitheater, is completion of the ring road from Bubanj potok, via Vinča to Pančevo.

The construction of „Belgrade on Water“ is also planned in phases, and the entire project will be finished within 5 years.

As it was announced, Serbia gives equipped land, and the partner form United Arab Emirates between 2.5 and 2.8 billion Euros for the construction of approximately 1,5 to 2 million square meters of office and residential area. When it comes to the financial part of this project, the Government of Serbia announced the negotiations with UAE are in the final stage.