JSC Serbian Railways


Railway transported 11,3 million tones of goods

– During the first nine months 2008, Serbian Railways transported 11,3 million tones of freight, which matches the plans and amounts eight percent more than the same period in 2006. Daily quantity of transported goods was 41.300 tones, mainly up to 300 kilometers of distance, – said Vasilije Krstic, Director of Freight Transport Department.

According to his words, almost 8,4 million tones were transported this year in freight service, as planed, and 11 percent more than the same period last year.

Total freight transport income in 2007 was 6,8 billion Dinars, 5,9 billion in international transport.

From January to September 2007 “Serbian Railways” transported approximately 50 thousand wagons in international, and 11 thousand in local container transport.

This year, one of the greatest innovations in freight transport department was the introduction of the first container train from Bar to Belgrade, called “Lovor”. After several years of break, container train started operating in March. In that period, 387 containers have been transported on the route Serbia-Montenegro, which is 50 percent more than the last year. Beginning with December, container train should also start operating on the line Bar-Belgrade-Budapest.