JSC Serbian Railways


Protocol about continuation of construction of railway station Belgrade Center-Prokop was signed

Ministers for Infrastructure and National Investment Plan, Milutin Mrkonjić, and Verica Kalanović, M.Sc. and mayor of Belgrade Dragan Đilas, signed in the railway station Belgrade Center-Prokop, in the presence of the Serbian Government Prime Minister Mirko Cvetković, Protocol about continuation of construction of this railway station today. Director General of the Serbian Railways, Milanko Šarančić, and Director General of “Energoproject-Holding”, Vladan Privatrić, attended the signing.

“Construction of railway Corridor X is important as much as the passenger part of the Corridor, and the infrastructure is important for the attraction of the direct foreign investments”- emphasized Prime Minister Cvetković.
Milutin Mrkonjić, Minister for Infrastructure, emphasized that the new railway station in Prokop will be finished in 18 months, and that in this railway station it will be invested approximately 100 million euros. And Verica Kalanović, Minister for National Investment Plan, emphasized that the construction of traffic Corridor X is one of the most important priorities of this Ministry.
“Serbian Railways and Belgrade City have good co-operation in realization of several key projects for our capital, lately. Beside construction of Prokop, as a national project, there is an extension of Savska Street in the capital and organizing of the unique and more quality traffic system in Belgrade, which invokes trust that the new main railway station will be finished in the predicted period”- said General Director of Serbian Railways, Milanko Šarančić, especially emphasizing significance of Belgrade Center and modernization of the railway node in the capital for the development of this traffic system in the entire country.
Protocol signatories agreed that the Republic of Serbia provide the financial assets for the continuation of construction of railway station Belgrade Center-Prokop, with entire content, up to the concrete slab on Kota 105. Belgrade City will provide the financial assets for the construction of all planned traffic and structure objects in the complex, that connect the railway station with the nearby traffic network.
Protocol signatories jointly state that the “Energoproject-Holding”, as a contractor of work, will continue intensively the construction of the railway station Belgrade Center-Prokop, until it is entirely put into the function, having in mind that this company has been the general contractor of works on the construction of the station in Prokop since 1996.
Ministry for Infrastructure and participants of this Protocol will jointly participate in the further development of the Project complex of the railway station Belgrade Center-Prokop, with the aim to provide the functionality of the project, modernization of Corridor X, and forming of the new city core.
Prime Minister Cvetković, Protocol signatories, and many guests drove with Beovoz from Prokop to the Station “Monument of Vuk”, and visited one of the most modern railway objects in this part of Europe.