JSC Serbian Railways


Primary school students in Vrsac took part in presentation “Caution! Choose life!”

The primary school students in Vrsac took part in the safety level crossing presentation of “Serbian Railways” under the slogan “Caution! Choose life!” on 23 March. The multimedia presentations that also include education and entertainment, arranged by Media Center of the “Serbian Railways”, were organized in following primary schools: “Jovan Sterija Popovic”, “Paja Jovanovic” and “Vuk Karadzic”. Almost 600 students were present at this lecture.

An interactive presentation was presented during the lecture in order to point out the danger and correct traffic behavior at level crossings. Due to great interest of students, one more presentation will be organized.
This kind of lecture in primary schools in Vrsac was recorded by local televisions TV “Banat” and TV “IN OKTOBAR”.