JSC Serbian Railways


Presentation “Caution! Choose life!” on the level crossing safety is being continued in primary schools in Belgrade

The campaign on safety at level crossings is being continued by organizing educational and multimedia presentation under the motto “Caution! Choose life!” that was prepared on 10 November 2011 by Media Center of JSC “Serbian Railways” in primary schools in Batajnica.

Presentations held in primary schools “Boško Jakovljević-Pinki” and “Branko Radičević” were attended by 670 pupils. The multimedia interactive presentation that also includes education and entertainment, is suitable for elementary school children, and the goal of this education is to point out the danger and to demonstrate to children correct traffic behavior at level crossings.

With this lectures, Media Center of JSC “Serbian Railways” begins the new season of educational campaign on the safety at level crossings for the 2011/12 school year.
During the last 2010/11 school year, Media Center of JSC “Serbian Railways” organized successfully presentations on safety at level crossings in 23 cities and 69 primary schools all over Serbia and geathered together approx. 11 thousand pupils. During eight months the campaign was prepared in Nišu, Lapovo, Zaječar, Prokuplje, Kruševac, Pirot, Novi Sad, Ruma, Šabac, Zrenjanin, Kikinda, Vršac, Subotica, Sremska Mitrovica, Valjevo, Lazarevac, Lajkovac, Čačak, Kraljevo, Užice, Sevojno, Požega and some municipalities in Beograd.

The presentation is being organized within the international campaign on raising awareness of the citizens in order to point out the danger at level crossings, which is being supported by more than 50 countries and railway administartions all over the world. „Serbian Railways“ started the campaign under the motto „Caution! Choose life!“ on 22 June 2010, when the International Level Crossings Awareness Day was celebrated. This year railway administrations all over the world celebrated that day on 9 June and „Serbian Railways“ draw attention by preparing a series of activities within the international campaign organization, that will be continued in the new school year.

Bearing in mind all economic and technological aspects of equipping and maintenance of signal safety systems, all over the world, even in Serbia, not all level crossing are being secured with automatic devices, but only those with justified need. On the other hand, alarming statistics on extraordinary events at level crossings are pointing out the need to draw public attention to the irresponsible behavior of the road vehicles drivers and pedestrians, who are in 100% of the cases responsible for the accidents at level crossings. In order to prevent extraordinary events from happening, many foreign railway administrations have seen potential in education, national media campaign and actions such as this one.

With this kind of education, “Serbian Railways” influence the awareness of all road traffic participants to act responsibly and to follow all traffic and railway regulations, so as not to endanger either their or other people´s lives.