JSC Serbian Railways


Presentation “Caution! Choose life!” in primary schools in Krusevac

The presentation of the “Serbian Railways” about the safety on level crossings,under the slogan “Caution! Choose life!”, that is being held in primary schools all over Serbia, was attended on 10 February 2011 by 420 students from Krusevac.

The multimedia presentation, that icludes also education and entertainment, was organized in 3 primary schools: “Vuk Karadzic”, “Jovan Popovic” and “Nada Popovic”. Due to great interest of children in “Nada Popovic” primary school, two presentations were organized.

The greatest number of students so far attended the presentation “Caution! Choose life!” in primary schools in Krusevac. Please remember that this presentation was also organized in Nis, Lapovo, Zajecar and Prokuplje. After successfully prepared lecture, promotional materials were given to all students- school supplies with “Caution! Choose life!” logo.

This level crossing safety campaign of the “Serbian Railways” in primary schools in Krusevac was recorded by regional TV Krusevac and TV Jefimija.