JSC Serbian Railways


Presentation “Caution! Choose life!” gathered together great number of students in Subotica

The safety level crossing campaign of the “Serbian Railways”, led by Media Center in primary schools all over Serbia, was continued on 31 March in Subotica. The presentation under the slogan “Caution! Choose life!” gathered together 620 students in Subotica, which is record number of students placed so far.

The safety level crossing multimedia presentation that also includes education, led by the Media Center of “Serbian Railways”, was organized in 3 primary schools in Subotica: “10. Oktobar”, “Majsanski put”, “Kizur Istvan”.

The “Serbian Railways” presentation was recorded by numerous television and radio stations: YU Ecco TV, City TV, RT Vojvodina- press agency in Subotica and Croatian and Serbian redaction of Radio Subotica.